Monday, 16 July 2012

Being Grateful for Much!

One thing is for sure, although we are surrounded by bad things happening each & every day, also knowing that it is the world we are living in but even the stuff that challenge my family & I directly, I have to stay grateful for much. Not only because of knowing "What you think about expands" but also because of having so much more to be grateful for, things that many others don't even have.

Things like:
  • my health
  • my children
  • the ability to share
  • being able to work
  • eat & drink every day
  • having both arms, legs & feet
  • the ability to use my free time (believe me I got a lot of it) to help others
I know there are BIG influences on how people manage to live their lives today. Many being unhealthy or steering toward being obese, being unproductive and living with  sickness or disease. Living with fear & anxiousness about tomorrow or living in poverty, therefore ending up being unsuccessful & unhappy. The worst is trying to escape from these realities by over-eating, taking drugs, or drinking alcohol or other addictive habits like stealing to make up for the things that you don't have but in the end it only make matters worst.

Also focusing on the negative creates even more problems. Some people might not have any addictive habits but focusing on what is good or great in your life instead of a constant focus on unlimited wants & needs because somewhere out there is someone that have even less. Even if you have almost nothing you still have something valuable, YOUR TIME, which you can use to help someone in need. Not only will this help you build self-esteem & self-respect, it will also save your dignity by doing what is right!

Be grateful for your challenges because, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" I know at times when you are going through tough times it may not seem like it, but doing the right thing always pays off. Look at it this way, rewards comes from knowing you did the right in the first place & secondly it pays off in the long run as well, meaning all the right efforts, whether big or small has long term benefits.

So either way, be grateful for your challenges, because they make you stronger & bring you closer to your goal. And doing the right thing reduces stress, gives peace of mind, satisfaction & ease of more unnecessary problems. But most off all it brings joy into your life. Joy of knowing even though you had to suffer or work long & hard to get where you are, you did the right thing.

  • by saying no
  • by giving your time & effort
  • by going the extra mile
  • by the willingness to give something up to reach your goal
  • by refraining from what will ruin your efforts
  • by keeping in good conscience

That is what makes the hard work & suffering worth it, to be able to give something in order to gain something momentous, something that gives other people hope that they too can do what's right. But best of all is The Joy & the Gratification! What more could a person ask for?

Building on gratefulness required a constant conscious effort of being in the right state of mind and cultivating a sincere interest in others instead of being concerned about yourself. So showing appreciation for what we have but also showing appreciation for the efforts of others, what they put in or the things they do or give, greatly affects your overall happiness.

So in the present day we need:

  • to let go of selfish desires that ruin our lives, the earth & happiness
  • to be more grateful for what we already have: we don't need more!
  • to start trusting in ourselves & always doing what is right, trusting in our challenges will bring us closer to our goal
  • to have a sincere interest in the efforts of others & readily express our appreciation
  • to NOT set ourselves up at a judge over others but to not let others judge us
  • to be honest, upright, selfless, noble, self-sacrificing, humble, kind & loving to others
  • to Not think more of ourselves that is necessarily to think


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  1. this is so true, its so unbelievable that its so simple not only to be grateful for what you have but for what others have, look at it this way at least you'll have friends.:)... i like this blog allot so believe it!